How will Dale's message support and reinforce the theme for our meeting?
Dale will discuss and work with you to identify the specific goals and objectives of your meeting. He is experienced at listening and understanding your needs and then integrating your theme into his RESULTS message. Your audience will leave the presentation believing the message was written specifically with them in mind, and with good reason, because it was. This personalized touch not only adds to the entertainment, interest and appreciation of your meeting, but significantly increases the learning and retention value of the presentation as well.

What makes Dale and his message stand out as a professional, motivational speaker?
Original, Relevant, Practical and Effective. Dale is sharing a message from both his heart and his first hand experience on what it takes to deliver long lasting RESULTS. This unique and innovative presentation will create a new perspective for your group on how to take on new challenges and overcome adversity with a newfound enthusiasm and energy. Your audience will immediately relate to the stories and examples used in the presentation and more importantly, will remember and apply the lessons learned to achieve RESULTS long after the meeting is over.

What kind of companies/Organizations is this message for?
Anyone taking on a new challenge, overcoming obstacles, dealing with change or coping with today's hectic schedules will benefit from this message. From corporate executives involved with long term strategic planning to the receptionist at the front desk answering the phone, creating a systematic strategy to achieve personal and team success is what RESULTS is about.

How will the audience benefit from Dale's message?
Dale has two objectives whenever he speaks to an audience. First, have fun. When you are having fun you are relaxed, and when your are relaxed you become open to new ideas, new concepts and new learning. Second, deliver value. When your audience invests their time into a presentation, they deserve and will receive a return on their investment; they will have fun, be entertained and learn valuable lessons and insights on how they can apply what they have learned to achieve RESULTS in their personal and professional life.

Motivation is great, but will Dale's message have any impact after our meeting?
The true value of a message is its staying power. Will the audience remember the ideas and lessons learned and, more importantly, will they be employed? This message introduces the 7 strategic steps on how to create a RESULTS focused strategy. Your group does not attend the presentation, they participate. The audience will be given the tools to create a personalized RESULTS strategy to address individual, group or company goals.

How can our audience obtain RESULTS resources after the presentation is over?
Many organizations have invited Dale to make his learning resources available immediately following the presentation, providing individuals the opportunity to receive a personalized autographed book, video or poster. With prior approval, the presentation can also be video or audio taped recorded and licensed to use at future meetings or company events for a pre-defined period of time. All Dale Berry learning resources are also available for direct order on the Internet at

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